The Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble. (abazoe) wrote,
The Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble.

DITL 8.30.15

A day spent in the car, in the company of coworkers and in settling in.


Waking up in a new place. I moved in last weekend but it's not quite home yet. I'm living out in the boonies of the Cape (Wellfleet) now. But why am I awake?


Oh. Right. After our health scare last month, this fellow suddenly has pep again and demands early morning wake ups. Jerk.


A quick step outside to do his business.


I retreat back to bed for a few minutes, but alas, I have a busy day ahead. First things first.


Walk the dog through the new neighborhood. Summer in Wellfleet means I can't cross any main roads without being flattened, so we do the world's quickest walk through the back roads I live on. He's happy, anyway.


The house is a cottage, a cabin, a POSTAGE STAMP. Cute, though. Like living in a hotel suite. Also, a bit of a mess.


Music ON. Passion Pit mix and go.


Bed made


Dishes done! (I have almost no dishes. New house tricks :/)


Minor household repair, done! The knob on the shower broke (it was old and brittle) and while I could have asked the landlords to fix it I knew it would be quicker to go and do it myself.


Can't wait to give the house a good deep cleaning, especially the limescale on that showerhead. Hard water.


Thinking about what art I want to hang wear. I'm only doing a couple of pieces at a time so I make sure things are where I like them.


Not sure, but it'll do for now.


Beauregard finds his place though. He gets spot of honor under my monitor. Two years ago, my sister in law got mad when I wouldn't tell her what I might want for Christmas: "You'll end up with a LIZARD," she said. "Great, I'll name him Beauregard and love and adore him," I said.


While I clean, my landlord puts a new screen door on. Whoo! I can finally leave the front door open!


Time to head out. I'm going to a BBQ in Falmouth, which I agreed to before I moved. Driving towards the bridges on a Sunday, ugh. 1hr30 minutes. FINE.


Stop at Whole Foods for a present/food. I can't cook in the new place yet so I have to bring premade food.


Here we are! Baxter was invited along and promptly makes friends.


Are you taking a picture of his ass!


85 degrees and humid and we still can't resist the fire pit.


Watermelon's got a Tim Burton smile.


Let's go home, now. Sun is setting over the airfield in...Mashpee, I guess?


Didn't eat a lot at the BBQ (tough to not like seafood when you live on the cape, stuffed quahogs are the centerpiece) so I cook up some frozen pizza. Which is a mistake, as I DO NOT HAVE A KNIFE TO CUT IT WITH. I eat it like a heathen. No pictures.


Pour a glass of wine. Into my only glass. Classy all the way.


Read some more Seed Collectors by Scarlett Thomas. Special ordered this from the UK. So good, so SO good. I love her, she's my favorite modern writer hands down.


Don't have internet yet, which is nice and yet difficult, so I have to rely on things that I had pre downloaded. Start rewatching Black Books (my favorite Graham Linehan. IT Crowd is amazing, Father Ted absurd and awesome, but Black Books.) "THE LITTLE BOOK OF CALM. DO YOU HAVE IT."

And thus to sleep!

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